I have used the NuLeaf cbd oil that I purchased from HelloHemp on Owen, my 18 year- old West Highland Terrier, for the last 3 months and what a difference.  His allergies have gone away.  His hair has grown back. He does not have trouble now getting up the stairs.  He makes it quite easy.  The NuLeaf oil has given my 18 year- old new life.  Its amazing! 

Raymond W., Roland, OK  1/16/19

I suffer from chronic pain and have for the last 15 years.  I now have Kyphosis, between my shoulder blades, which is very painful.  I’ve been through many procedures, treatments, injections, physical therapies, etc.   I am always looking for alternative treatments and so I thought I would try some of Donna’s products.  The Receptra CBD Targeted Topical sounded best for me. 

I must say that, by far, it is one of the best CBD products that I have tried.  It gives me instant relief, when I have some of my worst pain.  The 2.5oz container lasted me nearly 4 months with daily use, so you really get you money’s worth and it works!

Donna is very knowledgeable about her products and the cannabis plant.  She has spent months just researching her products.  She really cares about helping others and is always open to answering your questions.  I highly recommend Donna’s products through HelloHemp!  She is only going to carry the best!

Bonnie L., Fayetteville, AR  1/18/19


I’ve been using the vape pen and CBD cartridge that I purchased from HelloHemp for nearly two months.  It’s my first time using a vape product and I can say that I find it very effective with calming effects.  Given the fact that I have MS and Scleroderma, remaining stress free and in a relaxed state is imperative to my health, so using the vape product helps me with achieving that. Donna is such a pleasure doing business with.  She is always very responsive to my inquiries about products, is always eager to produce, and is genuinely interested in providing customers with the best products for their needs.  I highly recommend using Donna and her select product line offered  through HelloHemp! 

Donna M. , Fayetteville, AR  1/30/19


I could feel the effects of the NuLeaf CBD oil that I got from Donna almost immediately and it got rid of the tension in my neck and shoulders fairly quickly.  Since I’m a lightweight, I’ve decided to only use it when I need it.  And I only do 2 drops.   It beats clonazepam all to pieces and is a good alternative for a muscle relaxer and tension.  And it’s healthy.  It also worked well for me with stress and depression that I had temporarily.  I may try it at night for sleep too.

The Targeted Topical salve I also bought took care of a problem I was having with pain and inflammation around my thumb.  Problem is now solved.

Maryetta C.,  Fayetteville, AR  11/20/18


I am the owner of HelloHemp! and would like to share my recent, personal experience with 2 of our products – the NuLeaf Sublingual Oil and the Receptra Targeted Topical for a tick bite infection and chiggers.

In early May 2019, I found a tick on my ankle and removed it as I would normally do.  Having previously lived in Arkansas for approx 15 years (in the 80’s & 90’s) , I had been bitten and had removed numerous ticks from myself.  No big deal.  But this recent bite was different, and nowadays, tick borne diseases are MUCH more prevalent. 

A week after I removed the tick, I felt throbbing around the bite and starting having severe foot cramps in that leg.  Another week passed and I began feeling pain and weakness in my knee (of the leg with the bite). I also starting feeling a tingling sensation that shot up and down the back of that lower leg. I was traveling at the time, so waited to return to AR to see a doc.  He put my on 10 day dose of antibitoics for Rocky Mt. Spotted fever, which I really did NOT have symptoms for, but I did it just to be safe.

About 2 days after I used up all the antibiotics, the entire muscle above the bite became numb and HOT!  I became very concerned.  That night I googled it and found some interesting info about using CBD for Lyme’s, which is what all of my symptoms pointed to (but docs here in AR refuse to believe Lyme’s is here).   I listened to an audio interview with Dr. Ernie Murakami, M.D., Clinical Assoc. Professor Emeritus, UBC,  Immunology & Bacteriology, who began the Centre for Lyme.  He extensively researched and effectively used CBD on his patients for its antibiotic effects for this often-misdiagnosed tick infection. (You can listen to it:  Cannabis Health Radio:  episode 45).

At the time, I was using a sample of a CBD oil (merely for “maintenance” purposes) that I had received and it was a low dose concentration.  It suddenly dawned on me that I needed to start taking MY OWN CBD oil, the NuLeaf, because I DO believe it is one of the BEST!  I upped my dosage to 25mgs/day. Low and behold, and I kid you not, the hotness subsided the next day,  and within 2-3 days my knee started feeling much, much better and is now pretty much healed. The numbness has subsided dramatically as well.  Oh my gosh, what a relief.  I was thinking I would have to have knee surgery -that’s how bad it was.

Also, if you are an outdoors kind of person (especially here in AR) then you are familiar with chiggers.  If you are not familiar with them, chiggers are pesty, microscopic mites that feed on your dead skin tissue.  Thankfully, they do NOT vector any diseases like ticks do, but they do cause a bite that gets inflamed, itches like crazy and can persist for 2-3 weeks before healing. 

After trying coconut oil, tea tree oil, hot baths with epsom salts, alcohol, vinegar, etc, etc, to no avail, I googled it looking for another natural remedy.  Numerous sites recommended Vicks Vapor Rub (for the camphor) + Salt, so I tried it.  The results were not that great and it is a petroleum product which is gross.  So, I decided to try my own product, the Receptra Targeted Topical because it too has camphor in it plus many other excellent botanical ingredients, including high concentrations of CBD.  So, I applied a little dab of the topical with the salt to the bites and it immediately removed the itch and healed the bite within 3-4 days instead of 2-3 weeks (applying it twice a day) !!!!! 

So, there you have it folks!  I would not tout (or sell) these products if they did not work.   And these are somewhat unknown conditions that I have used these products for SUCCESSFULLY and just within the last couple of months!!!!  Of course they have been known to work for many other conditions as well. You just have to experiment on your own to discover how they work for YOU!  And believe me, it’s worth it!

Donna P.,  Fayetteville, AR  7/24/19