Incorporating CBD into your Self-care, healthcare plan

Advancements in modern medicine and technology, along with healthcare providers, have undeniably helped many to survive & live longer.  But, have we been relying too heavily on the highly-profitable, private healthcare systems, and the pharmaceuticals that they prescribe, for too many non-life-threatening conditions and situations?  It is beyond comprehension how our private healthcare systems could have been so unprepared, and so grossly under prepared, for our current crisis. With all the knowledge, data and supplies available at their fingertips, how could this fiasco happen in one of the most developed & wealthiest countries in the world?

Let’s not, as individuals, be satisfied with the ineptness of all those who so many have undeservingly-trusted their health and well-being to. Is COVID our true wake-up call for not only healthcare inadequacies, but for many other crucial issues we are currently facing? Do you seriously think that this will be the last pandemic that you will see in your lifetime?

Perhaps it is high-time that we start truly empowering ourselves by devising and incorporating our own self-care, health care plan, relying less on others and just being plain responsible for our own selves. Is that so far-fetched? Or, you can just sit there and wait until our government officials and agencies, along with the greedy corporate CEOs and top dogs, figure out what’s BEST FOR YOU! It’s your choice.

Decades of world-wide research and scientific studies have been conducted in the area of cannabinoids (mainly THC & CBD) and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  This is nothing new folks! It is unfortunate for us that the medical community has for so long negated and ignored all of this research and its findings. Even without perplexing FDA approval and exorbitantly-costly clinical trials, millions of people today are using cannabinoids safely & effectively.  This is why cannabis, justifiably, is taking the world by storm. There is still much more to uncover in future studies. But, the fact remains, there already is an abundance of valid, scientific reports, assimilated from decades of valid, scientific studies and trials on cannabinoids and the ECS on how these affect our bodies and can be key to maintaining a healthy life. 

Project CBD is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help educate the public about CBD, other cannabinoids and cannabis/hemp.  They are a wealth of well-sourced information on these subjects.   The following link to the article The Medical Uses of CBD (and its additional links) can be a guide on your journey to self-care, healthcare and how to begin incorporating CBD, other cannabinoids and cannabis/hemp-derived products into your own life’s plan.

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