USA Hemp – CBD Farm

This is an exemplary example of a U.S.A. Hemp Farm!  And it’s so beautiful!  Did you know that at least 50% of CBD products that are manufactured and sold in the U.S. are made from European industrial hemp waste?  Why?  Because it’s cheaper.  Don’t be fooled. European-sourced hemp used for CBD extraction and is imported into the U.S. is inferior!   Why?  Because, it’s extracted from only the plant’s stalk and not from the plant’s CBD/phytocannabioid-rich flower grown from strains bred specifically for CBD extraction!  Most salespeople do NOT the difference nor do they understand how that affects the products full-benefits to its consumer.  We’ve done the homework!  All of the products in HelloHemp’s! select product line are made from U.S. grown, organic hemp!  Make American Hemp great again:-) 

Click the link below to watch this amazing video and see for yourself that the USA is producing superior- quality, CBD/cannabinoid/terpene- rich Hemp.  This is just the beginning of this new era of USA hemp production.

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