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We understand that you probably have many questions about CBD.  To assist you in answering those, we have linked to a highly-informative website.  It answers the following questions, simply and briefly, and also has a dosage calculator.

-HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR CBD TO WORK?                                                
-HOW DOES CBD INTERACT WITH MEDICATIONS?                                                                      
-WILL CBD SHOW UP IN A DRUG TEST?                                                                                                         
-BEST WAYS TO CONSUME CBD?                                                                                            
-THE BENEFITS FOR HEALTH CONDITIONS?                                                                          
-WHAT IS CBD?                                                                                           
-CBD vs. THC                                                                                                                                           
Access the answers here at www.thecbdbenefits.com

Once you feel confident that you would like to purchase and try a CBD product you can return to the HelloHemp! site and feel assured that you are purchasing some of the best products out there.  Because WE have done the product homework!

PLEASE feel free to contact HelloHemp! for any remaining questions that you may have.